Cherub Sky Oval Ceiling Medallion


Cherub Sky Oval Ceiling Medallion / Rose Wall Decor This large oval ceiling medallion inspired by the grandeur of European elegance is cast in lightweight nonshrinking durable polystyrene. This product enables the owner to install a completely finished 3 dimensional ceiling decor in a relatively easy process. Adding sought after architectural detail to plain open vast ceiling spaces and a crowning elegance to a fine chandelier installation. They add beauty for the owner to enjoy as well as value to your investment. The items were dismantled carefully from their original place. Light Weight, Nonshrinking, Durable, Maintenance Free Construction Design Engineered For Easy Installation Large Oval Medallion Perfect For Grand Applications Big Look At An Affordable Price Ceiling Medallions Can Add To Your Homes Value Dimensions:114cm by 145cm by 8cm Quantity - 3

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Published on: Thursday 13 May 2021 12:31
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