36.5 Ha Privé On The Continent

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For Sale 36.5 HA(365.000m2) contiguous former peat-mine lake.The mine officialy closed at 31th of January.To 6km from main road.An EU western border 85km, Southern 46km on main way.Airport for small airplanes 32km. On the edges of a reed lake's average depth 3-4metres. This is a separate private property and have it's own entry(200m dirt road). It can be build a bulding on 6000m2.Household power cord(230V) and drinking water pipe connection can be made from a distance of approx. 100Metres away. Temporary transformer 40A 360V is on site(in powermeter cabinet). To 10km away big city with 80000 inhabitants. Guide price cca 156000.-EUR (+2700EURmax for utility pipeline cost) Negotiable.Private sale. For Companies too. From the purchase price 5% deposit required in any bank in MALTA (meets to bond) for a 90 calendar days. Local(ML) phone number can called on request to a daily 13-1900PM.


Land With Planning Permission


Published on: Sunday 04 April 2021 11:05
REF ID #7995274905

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