Dunlop Heil Talk Box


Bought New, literally tried using a couple of times but not found any use for it since. Never gigged with and still as new. Works perfectly and heavy duty - built like a rock. Needs to be coupled to a valve amplifier head and P.A. / Microphone system to be used (Not included). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heil Talk Box The classic, original Heil Talk Box creates the 'vocal' guitar sounds used by David Gilmour, Peter Frampton, Joe Walsh, Slash, Alice in Chains, Aerosmith and many others. Can be switched between the amp and the loudspeaker Connected between amp and speaker, the talk box uses a compression driver to send audio signal through a tube placed into the musician's mouth. By varying the resonating cavity (stoma) the signal obtains a speech-like modulation. A microphone is required to amplify the effect sound (not included) THE LONG STORY. This unique and famous effect was popularized by Peter Frampton, Joe Walsh, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, and others. The sturdy metal casing houses a phenolic diaphragm speaker, powered by your amplifier's external speaker jack. (Place it in line with your external speaker, which can remain connected.) A 6-1/2 foot surgical tube carries the diaphragm speaker's sound to your mouth. The tube end is placed near a vocal mic. By shaping sounds with your mouth, you immediately achieve the talking guitar sounds that you've heard on so many hits. Powered by your amplifier's external speaker jack. Attention: Rattle in device is not a mistake, this is the filter in the tube insertion, it is free to be replaced when dirty! Package Weight 4-5kg Less

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Published on: Thursday 14 March 2019 15:14
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