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The SHINECON Smartphone VR Headset 3.5-6 is the epitome of ergonomics, quality and 3D enjoyment. Apply perfectly so as not to get tired during use, while lining it with skin at the points that touch your face. Innovative design to distinguish, with detachable front for better air circulation. High quality 8-layer lens for perfect 3D. Supports all 3.5 "-6" devices! The quality of the lenses is unrivaled! The Shinecon Smartphone VR Headset is made up of 43 different pieces that give you incredible precision. Say no to blur and distortion, because not all 3D is the same! The Shinecon Smartphone VR Headset works in harmony with almost every smartphone that is available in the 3.5 "-6", Android or iOS. Enjoy VR videos, 3D movies, VR games and perhaps the best 360 degree video from the 360 ​​Youtube Channel. so you do not miss any action in front, back, right, left, above and below your visual field! Swept with a special camera system that records everything in 360 degrees.

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Published on: Monday 11 May 2020 14:12
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